Company Profile

JpU’s innovative self-service connectivity and service management platform revolutionizes the security and network control paradigms by shifting full control from the service provider to the hands of the enterprise customer. Customers gain complete autonomous control over their “slice” of the service provider’s network, allowing them to have a true self-service experience, along with new layers of security that augment and fulfill or realize device security. The JpU platform can be applied to IoT devices, Smart Enterprise Mobility and general network control, and allows a completely new self-service experience in network, security and usage profile control

Solution at a Glance

JpU’s platform may be deployed and run over any cloud environment. JpU delegates control of the network from the operator to their enterprise customer with regards to customers’ IoT devices. Customers can define their own networking policy, roaming policy, per device usage, per device alerts, and self-handle all billing procedures. Customers can also define and enforce their own security policies eliminating the need to develop security on the resource limited, low cost, IoT device itself. All of the above is done by the customer via self-service Portal or RESTful API calls

Our Offering

JpU offers an IoT connectivity and services control platform integrated with JpU’s own cellular core. JpU’s cloud PaaS solution substantially lowers MNOs CapEx, OpEx associated in providing IoT services, while supporting a massive number of devices on their mobile network. Enterprise customers enjoy rich self-service IoT management and security capabilities

Customer Challenges and Benefits

For Operators:

  • Differentiated, competitive operator IoT offering
  • Significant cost saving for the operator

For Enterprise customers:

  • Comprehensive self-service control for IoT networks
  • Adds IoT network security
  • Automation increase operation efficiency
  • Provides network-as-a-service for cloud model benefits
  • Independent, autonomous control over service quality and experiance

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

  • Our product can transform a mobile network into an IoT network while reducing operating costs.
  • We introduce a new level of security for IoT and Enterprise Mobility devices in the network
  • JpU IoT connected devices like cars, sensors and phones get network edge security and protection against hacking, theft and vandalism.
  • We significantly reduce the service operating hassle of both the mobile operator and its customers
  • With JpU, mobile operators can offer new IoT services to end customers.
  • Cloud, elastic mobile core as a service
  • Shorten time-to-market and knowledge gap for enterprises to become their own MVNO