Company Profile

An innovative developer of a wireless charging solution that alters the uncomfortable action of recharging into a seamless & easy experience.

Humavox’s wireless power platform, ETERNA™, is based on Radio Frequency technology that can be integrated into the smallest of electronics such as wearables and IoT devices. Eliminating the struggle with too many cords or the need for charging ports.

Solution at a Glance

ETERNA wireless charging technology platform utilizes near-field radio frequency (RF) resonance, combining active components and proprietary algorithms and applying it in a cavity (charging station) with unique properties.

This results in the creation of a strong RF coupling path between the system’s transmitting (Tx) and receiving (Rx) elements.
Enabling highly efficient wireless power transfer to the device under charge, regardless of its placement, position and orientation within the charging station.

Our Offering

The company’s ETERNA platform is a customizable platform, enabling device manufacturers to redefine and freely design the users’ charging experience. The concept behind ETERNA is that of “drop & charge”: the user drops the device into the charging station and regardless of how the device is dropped, it will charge.

Customer Challenges and Benefits

With the growing number of electronic devices, recharging has become a daily hassle that must be resolved with a simple, natural charging solution.  So Humavox created an effective wireless charging technology, able to wear many shapes and forms, while fitting endless types of devices; letting users charge without even noticing.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

  • Tiny receiver, drastically smaller than other technologies, allowing integration into the smallest of electronic devices. Enabling wireless charging in devices such as hearing aids and wearables where others fail to give a viable solution.
  • Unlike others, does not require precise placement or alignment of the receiver and transmitter for efficient wireless power transfer.
  • Provides a simple ‘drop & charge’ experience that most naturally fits the user’s instinctive habits.
  • Has the capability to charge multiple devices simultaneously.
  • An elastic platform with a NEST charging station freely customized and designed to best fits the OEM’s preferences and desired look & feel.