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Mobile World Congress 2015

Hall 5: in 5D81

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Bynet Data Communications

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  • Solution at a Glance

    The Rad Bynet Mobility solution offers technology differentiation & leadership.

    • High capacity, long range wireless for high speed vehicles
    • <50ms Seamless hand off Guarantees the SLA for all communications types
    • Real Time behavior with low Latency and Jitter
    • Full End-2-End echo system from the RAD-Bynet group

    Our solution provides on-board broadband Internet/cellular access to your passengers and offer rich Infotainment options. The Solution provides a unique and complete answer for mobile CCTV and 4Play service, enabling you to improve the security, safety and convenience of your passengers throughout their journey.

    Our Offering

    • Robust, wireless broadband connectivity for vehicles traveling at speeds of up to 250 km/h.
    • Maximize business value - Appealing revenue-generating applications for commuters and greater operational and public safety efficiency
    • Advanced technology for all needs
    • Transportation-grade solution
    • Experience and expertise.

    Customer challenges and benefits

    • 4play services for high speed vehicles above an bellow the ground
    • Location based advertisement and Infotainment on BYOD and Digital Signage during the commuting
    • Real time awareness and staff communication (PTT) over Wi-Fi as an alternative to GSM-R/ Tetra
    • B2B & B2C ads management system (Private/Public clouds)

    Unique selling points and differentiators

    For the commuters transportation market Bynet's Robust, high-capacity mobility solution delivers constant, high-quality communication, CCTV & infotainment along the entire length of your track, without any of the blind spots that limit traditional Data, Voice, Video surveillance & Cellular services (4play) solutions.

    Company references and strategic partners

    Russia - Moscow Metro, Ukraine - Railways, South Africa - PRASA, Brazil- Sau Paulo Metro - Line 17.


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